This week’s progress so far

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This week I copied over (and cleaned up) GraphicsController from project zombie. In the screen above I’m running HDRBackground glsl shader. Converting all my HLSL shaders to GLSL will be a painful process.

I’m building my project on Ubuntu 13.10 using CMAKE, eclipse CDT, Ninja, and Clang.

I tried using Codeblocks from one of the ubuntu PPA but it was extremely unstable. Constantly freezing and such. I gave up.

I will starting posting source code soon. It’s on github.


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Not really (I do have all my data and sources now). What I’ve been working on is converting my shaders to GLSL because I’ve been doing all development of my “game” on Windows for almost 2 years. Now I’m moving back to Linux, I need to get it working here. So the first move towards that goal is to get my shaders converted. As long as I’m doing that I may as well release these shaders code too, which is what I’m currently doing.

I’m porting some of my code over along with all my shaders into an example project and then I will release it.


And some screens I found in my data folder:



working on my project on linux

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I’m back to working on my project. A few month back I started working on windows. I did a fair amount of work. Then I got side-tracked. Then I had issues with my windows machine (it’s basically gone now). But now I have a linux machine back up. I’m back to working on my project on Linux.

To get started I’m going to port my game to CMAKE. I’m checking out NINJA. (

After getting the project build I have to port over all my shader code.

This is great warm up for getting back into the project. I spent two years in Windows land in my project and it will take awhile to move everything back to Linux.




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I went to an adult treatment center. it made me realize that I need to change things in my life. Sobriety is the only thing for me.

Happy New Years.

new mix of GOT ME STUCK!!!!!

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new mix of GOT ME STUCK!!!!!


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I remix a song I made with someone else. I may upload the original version later.

long time no blog

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Anyone actually read this blog?

Anyway, I plan to get back to my project soon. Well I started it awhile back (worked on it for a whole week) then stopped. Now I’m planning to dive back in.

I’m no longer feeling like shit. I’m on the UP SWING now. Down beat up beat.

I’ve never posted a picture of me….Here it is, the author of this fucking blog!

Edit: BTW I was actually 180 lbs half a year ago!



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